Health Care For Women

It infuriates me that we are still struggling against our own government and the outdated belief that teaching abstinence is where the majority of where the women’s health (planned parenthood) allocated budget is being spent. I give kudos for the women leading the Planned Parenthood plight. I see what they go through and how vigilant they must be not only getting our voices to he right people but actually the simple act of getting us to use our voices at all!! I do volunteer but seems like it is not enough and I do not have enough funds of my own to give toward this cause.

Yes, there are holistic and natural ways I believe we should learn to take care of ourselves and our bodies without being dictated to regarding how we will be treated and by whom, how much decent health care for women will cost and not to mention trusting a doctor on what to take for this and what to take for that. I do believe in finding natural ways and finding a holistic approach to take care of ourselves.

If we do not teach ourselves and our daughters natural ways instead of relying on health care for women alone, we are setting ourselves up for great turmoil in addition to what we have to deal with now, not only ourselves but our girls and the journey they have to go as they grow up. We NEED to teach them natural ways NOW for prevention and not when they are seeking a cure and are frustrated when they get answers that do not make sense. WE need to teach them that there is more to holistic cures, holistic methods for prevention, taking care of ourselves the natural way!

There is so much information available now that is a great start to get to know some of the steps we can take to have healthier lives for the long run and only going to doctors when absolutely necessary. I know I am a bit agitated about this but this health care for women topic is just really a big battle it seems.

I can’t imagine what the difference would be in rural areas in comparison to the city and what differences they would have in access to sufficient health care for women or even learning how to provide answers for themselves based on the fact there is a ton of information easily accessed by way of internet and the web.

I know there are other women that have a voice on this topic. I know i am not the only one feeling a little crazy about this right now surely! Let us listen to our bodies and take care of them the best way possible starting with the most natural way possible. Please let us start teaching our daughters a holistic and natural way to prevent disease and help make pregnancy a little easier or how to just avoid it all together. It is education that is our key on all of these topics. We as mothers and older sisters are a part of this, and yes, we all need to take an active approach in even understanding what is going on with the entire process that will have a direct influence on health care for women. I know I still have a lot to learn! So if you have any information that could be helpful please be in touch. Thank you.