Pet Health Care for Goldfish

People tend to assume that the pet health care involved with a goldfish is easy. Whilst it’s true that goldfish make fewer demands on the time and money of their owners than dogs or cats, there are still basics that owners need to know. Few people realise that with proper care a captive goldfish could easily live a decade, which just serves to underline that many fish keepers are doing something wrong.

Pet health care for goldfish isn’t expensive, with food being very inexpensive. The main cost associated with their care related to buying and setting up the aquarium. People often think of a solitary goldfish in a bowl and this probably explains why so few pet goldfish live as long as they could. In fact, they need plenty of space in their aquarium and should ideally be kept with a friend or two.

Experts at your pet shop will advise on getting the right size aquarium for the number of fish you plan to keep. Bear in mind that although fish do benefit from having companionship, too many fish will lead to competition for food and additional waste affecting the water quality and leading to premature death of the fish. Furthermore, certain species of goldfish swim faster than others and are likely to leave slower swimmers without their fair share of the food, so be conscious about the type of goldfish you keep together.

Keep the aquarium out of direct sunlight, which would cause algae to grow very quickly. Keep it somewhere where sudden and extreme temperature changes won’t affect the water temperature.

Although waste in the water can jeopardise goldfish pet health care, some good bacteria will grow in there. This means that only about 20% of the water should ever be changed at once, in order to strike a balance between eliminating waste and maintaining friendly bacteria.