What Happens If You Need In-Home Health Care But You Live In The Sticks?

If you happen to live near a major city and you need to find In-Home Health Care for you or a loved one, there are plenty of options available to you. In fact, most hospital discharge planners and social workers keep a list of these agencies. Sometimes they will set it up for you, or have a representative from the agency meet with you before you go home. But if you live out a more rural part of the country, this can be a bit harder to find. Let’s say you live in Cascade Montana, and you need a C.N.A. to come in and help your Mother who is an Alzheimer Patient, where do you turn. If the nearest Agency is 75 miles away and they charge a premium to send someone out, there may be another way. Use an In-Home Health Care Directory and find an independent C.N.A and hire him/her independently to work for you.

Chances are, there are people living near you who are driving that 75 miles a day to go and work for one of the agencies and would gladly work for you, for less money than the agency would charge you. Plus they would have a shorter commute and would spend less on gas to come work for you. But you might ask, “What about References, and Certifications?” Simply ask them to provide a current copy of the Certifications and Verifiable References. You can do a criminal background check on line for a few dollars.

This could save you thousands of dollars in the long haul, especially if you need to employ someone for a long period time. In these times of tight budgets, a little bit of work could help you from going broke and keep you connected to every part of the process of caring for your loved one. Dealing with a sick loved one can be very stressful, and dealing with an agency is not always a picnic either. Don’t get me wrong, In-Home Health Care agencies are a great resource and some are excellent at the kind of service they provide, but then there are those who have you at a disadvantage, they charge what they charge and you can only negotiate so much with them, especially if they’re the only game in town. This is just to let you know you have other options. You can take charge and get great service at a price that you can afford.