Natural Health Works For You As a Whole Person

There’s no denying it, natural health works. Natural health, by its very nature, looks at you in all your complexities. Everything is considered. No part of you is separate from the others.

Here are some reasons why it is important to consider natural health and all it can support you with, in particular homeopathy.

Your immune system is your most important health asset. It alone is responsible for your ability to prevent and/or recover from ailments. Yet few people look after it.

A bad diet will never allow a healthy immune system. The common diet of processed food is not nutritionally adequate to retain your natural health.

The common obsession with a diet high in animal protein does nothing to aid your health. Animal protein should be limited to two or three times a week, rather than the more normal two or three times a day consumption.

A lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your health. Everyone has slightly different requirements. Ensure you get yours.

Insufficient exposure to the sun can mean you are deficient in the all important vitamin D. The supplement is a synthetic one and one which is already causing huge damage to people’s health.

A chronically unhappy life situation, either at home, school or work can have a detrimental effect on your health. Recently a patient of mine moved to the other side of the continent. She and her family drove, taking her animals with her. Some months later, her dog developed an intense and chronic ear discharge. She was advised to find a smelly remnant of their previous home. She discovered a rug which hadn’t been washed. Within a week of putting that down, her dog’s ear problem disappeared.

Homeopathy, a natural health modality with a proven 200 year track record, can provide one of the best natural health modalities to help with all aspects of natural health care. It considers the cause of the problem, your unique and personal symptoms and your overall health.

Jobs and Health Care, Can You Afford to Get Sick Now?

In our current economic climate having and keeping both jobs and health-care go hand in hand. With a lot of people not being able to afford health insurance on their own it is very convenient if you have a job that has healthcare coverage as a benefit. These jobs nowadays are very far and few in between however and because of this a lot of people are struggling with health care related debt. If you already have a job that gives you a health care benefit, hold on to it with dear life. If you do not have a job which provides this benefit and you cannot afford to provide this for yourself then you should be job hunting. Even if all you can find is a part-time job that has health insurance this is still better than no insurance at all.

Both jobs and health care are very important to each and every person especially at the present time when our country is facing a recession. Here are just a few companies that carry health insurance for their employees; Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Starbucks, UPS, DHL, Home Depot, Hospitals, Churches, Costco and Whole foods. These are just a few companies as I am sure that there is a lot more out there that offer jobs that provide health care benefits. You can research these online and find out what is in your area and what is best for you. As I said before you can get a part-time job also, so you can still keep your current job if you have the time to juggle both. Yes jobs are hard to find especially now but you have to try for the sake of yourself and your family. It will only serve to benefit you and your family and no one else. There are so many things that could go wrong which will necessitate medical attention. This is especially important if you have small children or aged parents who are more at risk of developing illnesses.

Jobs and health care go hand in hand, that is an established fact. The best options are; either you have a job that provides health care coverage or you have a job that does not but pays you enough so you can afford health insurance on your own. Either way it is your personal responsibility to ensure that you have a job or jobs and health care coverage. You can do research online to see the options that are available to you which will enable you in your decision making process. You can find a part time job and keep your current job if it is too difficult to find a regular job. Whatever option you chose it is imperative to have health care coverage as well as a job and since there is the potential to access both of them at the same time, you should go for it.-

How to Fight Fleas and Do Preventive Health Care For Your Golden Retrievers

The strongest body and soundest genetic background will not help a dog lead a healthy life unless he receives regular attention from his owner. Dogs are susceptible to infections, parasites and diseases for which they have no natural immunity.

It is up to us to take preventive measures to make sure that that none of these interferes with our dog’s health. It may help to think of the upkeep of a dog’s health in relation to the calendar. Certain things need to be done on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

So, what is needed in preventive health care for golden retrievers? Weekly grooming can be the single best monitor of a dog’s overall health. The actual condition of the coat and skin and the feel of the body can indicate good health or potential problems.

Grooming will help you discover small lumps on or under the skin in the early stages before they become large enough to be seen without close examination.

You may spot fleas and ticks when brushing the coat and examining the skin. Besides harboring diseases and parasites, they can make daily life a nightmare for some dogs. Many Goldens are severely allergic to even a couple of fleas on their bodies. They scratch, chew and destroy their coat and skin because of fleas.

Remember, the fleas you see on your dog are only part of the problem, in fact, it is the smallest part. To rid your dog and home of fleas, you need to treat your dog and your home. Here is how:

– Identify where your pet sleep. These are called hot spots.

– Clean your pets’ bedding, your own floors and furniture regularly by vacuuming and washing.

– Spray hot spots with non toxic, long lasting flea larvicides.

– Treat outdoor hot spots with insecticide.

– Kill eggs on pets with a product containing insect growth regulators (IRGs)

– Kill fleas on pets per your veterinarian’s recommendation.

Primary Health Care For You And Your Family

Primary health care, also known as PHC, comprises of all the basic services that are offered to individuals and families for their wellbeing. So whether you need a general check-up or you have suffered from a twisted ankle, your first point of contact would be with one of these professional care-givers. They will help you with your lifestyle habits, manage chronic diseases and provide preventive measures to keep your body and mind healthy.

PHC forms an integral part of society. Whether they are looking for a physician, pharmacist, dentist or nurse, many families prefer to go to a medical profession that they can visit on a regular basis rather than go to something who they do not know for their basic wellness. Since it the first point of contact between a patient and the healthcare system, it is necessary for these services to be available in every community, allowing the individual to be more aware of their basic medical needs.

The Role of PHC

The role of a primary physician will vary depending on various environmental and economic factors along with their specific area of practice. However, some of the common roles of a physician include:

• Providing constant and comprehensive care to the patient
• Guiding the patient through the various social welfare schemes that are present
• Referring them to specialists and other hospitals or clinics whenever required
• Coordinating different kinds of services for the patient so as to provide them with the best combination at a given time
• Considering the different economic situations that are prevailing and the situation of a particular patient and giving them the best medical and wellness treatment plans based on this

New-Age PHC

With the development of this form of care, the role of your regular physician has not expanded in a large way in order to allow you a number of services conveniently. Teams of professionals offer different services so that you have the best medical opinions for any condition that needs to be treated. Sharing of information is also made easy so that your different providers have access to all your important information, allowing them to diagnose and treat you better. Patients are now also encouraged to play a bigger role in their own fitness so that they have control over their wellbeing. And all this is available right at a community level so that it still stays personal and comfortable for every member of the family.